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Middle School Ministry

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Lakewood Ranch
Our Goal
Our goal is to help Middle School students understand more about Jesus, love God more, and build lasting relationships with other students, mentors and role models. We worship together, we have fun by playing games together, and we grow in our relationship with Jesus through sound biblical teaching.

Dynamic Worship

Check in under the portico and then join the rest of the Middle School students and leaders in the auditorium to worship!

The Ride Over

After worship, hop onto the bus (it has a new theme each week!) and take the trip to Centauri where games are waiting for you.

Fun and Games

Play dodgeball, 4 square, basketball, card games and more and get to know some new friends, mentors and role models!

Relevant Message

Take a seat with your friends to listen to a message that's relevant to student's lives.

Return to Church

Hop back on the party bus so we can get you back to your family in the lobby right as service finishes.

New here?

Get the info you need to attend a weekend service, plan a weekday visit, watch messages online, receive support, or get connected another way.

Frequently asked questions

Where do I check my Middle School student in?

Where do I pick my Middle School student up?

How are you keeping my kids safe?


Youth@Grace M.S.


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Get Started

Check your kids in at the 10 or 11:30 am Sunday service so they can make new friends and grow closer to Jesus!

When & Where

Middle School takes place at 10 am and 11:30 am Sunday services


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First time?

Plan your first visit with us! We would love to know that you are coming and help you with the check-in process, including childcare!