April 21, 2024

Listen for God's answer

In week 5 of Lord Teach us to Pray, Chris Pedro speaks on the importance of having a dialogue with God in our prayers.

Dive deeper into this weekend's message with these discussion questions! 

Week Five — Hab. 1-3


  • How would our conversations be different today if we were all on a party line...subject to many others listening in?  Is it any different knowing that God not only hears our conversations, but knows our thoughts as well? 
  • How are you regarded by your family, friends, colleagues: One who asks questions or one who is quick to provide answers?
  • What areas in your life do you need help with so that your response to these areas is righteous in nature?
  • Do you believe that God really does sovereignly controls every power even in the midst of tragedy or crisis?
  • What does living righteously look like to you?

Take Home 1: Prayer is more than just communication with God, it's communion with God (Hab. 2:1)

  • How would you define your relationship with God right now? 
  • Our prayer life requires us to speak with and listen to God.  How much speaking do I do and how much listening do I do as I pray?
  • Do you believe God can/is actually speaking to you? If you do, what is He saying?
  • Is there a time in your life where God answered your prayer or spoke to you? How did you respond?

Take Home 2: Prayer ought to be composed of sincerity & vulnerability (Hab. 1:2)

  • What is lament? How would you define lament?
  • How should we, as Christians, respond to the wrongfulness of life?
  • What's your "heart's cry / burden?"  
  • Do you continuously bring the things that are heavy on your heart before God? Who else do you share these matters with in your life?

Take Home 3: Prayer reminds us to be people who live by faith (Hab. 2:4)

  • In your own personal prayer time, do you see prayer as a time to grow in your faith?
  • What difficult circumstances or situations are you going through right now? 
  • Do you believe that prayer can change you?

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