March 17, 2024

Prepared for difficulty

In week two of Lord Teach Us To Pray, Pastor Chip goes into how we should embody prayer in our lives.

As you watch the sermon, keep in mind these discussion questions to dive deeper! 

Lord Teach Us To Pray

Week 2 — 1 The. 1:4-10; 3:1-13

General Questions:

  • How would you describe your prayer life?
  • How do you attempt to get "caught up to speed" in a conversation that has already started without you, or try to figure out the plot in a movie that you started watching after it began?
  • Are you a net-net conversationalist (without attention to much detail) or are you determined to address every fine point? How do you determine what's most important in a particular topic/conversation?

Take Home 1: Prayer helps us to learn to be thankful for all our brothers and sisters in Christ (1 The. 3:9)

  • What are you thankful for?
  • Who are you thankful for?
  • What keeps you from being thankful for all of our brothers & sisters in Christ (not just those who are like you)?
  • Do you see the importance of the body of Christ? Why or why not?

Take Home 2: Prayer helps us to formulate a robust theology of suffering (1 The. 3:3)

  • What is your response when you experience affliction or suffering?
  • Do you associate joy with suffering & affliction?
  • Do you see yourself as being “destined for suffering” for Christ? How does this help you to better understand how to deal with suffering?

Take Home 3: Prayer forges in us a genuine love for our brothers and sisters and those around us (1 The. 3:12)

  • How would you describe the way you view others around you?
  • How would you describe the way you treat others around you?

Take Home 4: Prayer is a catalyst for personal holiness that anticipates the coming of the Lord (1 The. 3:13)

  • What does your personal testimony look like? Is it more verbal or is it more your lifestyle?
  • How do others know that you are a follower of Jesus?
  • Who is holding you accountable to be more Christ-like; to be bolder in your faith; to deal with affliction in your life with joy?
  • “Prayer really does change us.” – How might this change the way you pray

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