April 7, 2024

Who does prayer change?

In the fourth week of Lord Teach us to Pray, Pastor Reagan leaves us with the question "Who does prayer change?"

Dive deeper into this weekend's message with these discussion questions! 

Week 4 — Nu. 16


  • After hearing this message, what do you think – Who does prayer change?
  • When life is pressing down on you, do you make prayer a first response or a last resort?
  • Does your response to sin look like the rigidness of the law, or the mercy of Christ?
  • As Christians, how should we respond to injustice, sin, corruption, or affliction?

Take Home 1: In prayer, approach God with humility

  • When you approach the Lord in prayer, what’s your “heart posture”?
  • Where is the line between speaking honestly with God and speaking disrespectfully to God?

Take Home 2: In prayer, seek God's Will

  • What would it look like to seek God’s will in your prayer life?
  • How might your prayer life better reflect the Christ’s prayer to the Father?: “Nevertheless not as I will, but as you will”

Take Home 3: In prayer, seek God's mercy for the world

  • “We have been called to stand in the middle and seek God's mercy for the world.” How might recognizing that we are “kingdom of priests” change the way that you pray?
  • Will you answer the Biblical call to pray? If so, who will be changed when you pray?
  • What is currently causing you to feel confused or frustrated about the world today? What steps can you take this week to approach God with those feelings?

Take Home 4: Live in accordance to your prayers

  • Do the actions of your life align with the contents of your prayer?
  • Can you think of any recent examples where you either prayed without any action, or where you acted without praying?

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