Marriage Mentoring

Marriage Mentoring

Marriage Mentoring Program

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Our Goal
We have a team of successfully married couples who have the training and experience to help other engaged and married couples through our marriage mentoring program. This program provides a customized mentoring plan based on your specific relationship needs.

Step One

Complete a questionnaire and an online, professional relationship assessment. Then a custom mentoring plan will be determined based on your relationship needs.

Step Two

If mentoring is the best option for you, then you will be matched with a trained mentor couple with life experiences that are similar to yours.

Step Three

Couples typically receive 5-8 sessions at a mentor couple's home, each lasting roughly 90 minutes. There is no charge for the mentoring sessions!

Mentor Qualifications

To be a mentor you should be a believer in Jesus, be married 10 years or longer with a healthy, vibrant marriage and be a regular attenders at Grace Community Church and be committed to the church’s mission, culture and core values.

Mentor Expectations

To be a mentor you'll need to make an initial one-year commitment to serving on the mentoring team, meet with a mentee couple every 1-2 weeks, typically for a period of 2-4 months, and be available to mentor one to three couples per year.

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If we’re going through this program as an engaged couple, will we get a discount on our Florida Marriage License fee?


Marriage Mentoring


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Plan your first visit to Grace? We would love to know that you are coming and help you with the check-in process, including childcare!

First time?

Plan your first visit with us! We would love to know that you are coming and help you with the check-in process, including childcare!