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You don’t have to go through life alone.

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All Support Services

Talk with a pastor

Need to talk to a Pastor? Maybe you just need some advice and guidance on your walk with Christ. One of our pastors would love to talk with and pray over you.

*Our pastors are NOT licensed counselors or mental health professionals

Counseling referral

Are you struggling with some tough situations in your life? We know finding a counselor can be difficult and we want to help you through that process.

Contact us for a recommended list of licensed counselors in the Sarasota area.

Prayer requests

At Grace, we believe in praying for each other. Prayer is a way we can encourage one another and become more like Jesus as we spend time with God. Post a request to our prayer wall or let others know that you are praying for them.

Care & support groups

Care and support groups are designed to help us walk with one another through our hardships and encourage one another.

From visiting the sick, interceding in prayer for the needs of others, mentoring others in their marriage, or walking together through the pain of losing someone in your life, our care and support groups offer a place of healing and restoration for you.

Get started

If you are walking through difficult times in your life, we want to help! Whether your need is spiritual, mental, emotional, or relational, our Care staff is here to be a resource to you and make sure you receive the counseling and support you need.

Arrange for a consultation with a member of our Care staff to determine your next step by completing this form, or by calling (941) 921-5784.

If using the online request form, a member of the Care staff will reach out to you within 2-5 business days based on call volumes.


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