March 24, 2024

Praying for Strangers

In week 3 of Lord Teach us to pray, Pastor Chip dives into how we should be praying for other people and ministries around us.

Dive deeper into this week's message with these discussion questions!

Week 3 — Col 1:3-14

General Questions:

  • If you were a new follower of Jesus Christ (like the first century Christians), how would you like to be witnessed to / discipled? What kind of information would you like to receive?
  • Do you have a regular time set aside for prayer?
  • Which do you most identify with...Faith, Hope, Love?  Which of these three challenge you the most?
  • Pastor Chip addressed "HOPE" in his message this weekend. What event in your life (past, current or future) brought about or is bringing about the most excitement / anticipation as you hope(d) for the event to finally arrive?
  • What do I most look forward to in my life?

Take Home 1: Does our prayer circle include those we don't know? (Col. 1:9)

  • Is it possible that my current “prayer circle” could expose some areas of selfishness in my life?
  • Discuss the benefits of praying for not only my friends and family, but those not like me and even for those who are against me?

Take Home 2: Prayer is an opportunity for spiritual download (Col. 1:9)

  • Do you see Scripture as God’s way of speaking to you?
  • How often do you look for a “spiritual download” in your time with God?
  • Do you ever find that prayer becomes an excuse for you to not do what God has called you to do?

Take Home 3: In prayer we should remember the Gospel message (Col. 1:13-14)

  • How often do you remind yourself of the Gospel message?
  • What is worship to you?
  • Does your time of prayer ever lead you to a moment of worship (or vice versa)?

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