May 5, 2024

Walk the Walk

In the final week of Lord Teach us to Pray, Pastor Chip dives deeper into prayer in our daily walk in our lives.

Dive deeper into the message with these discussion questions!


  • In your own words, what is the sine qua non (Latin which means: "without which, not") of your life? 
  • Do you ever feel like who you are is not a child of God? If so, what do you do or how do you respond when you feel that way? 
  • Paul says that "I bow my knees before the father". What body posture do you take when you pray? (Kneeling, lifting hands, bowing down, etc) 
  • What does power from the spirit look like in the life of the believer? What does it look like in your life? 

Take Home 1: Jesus didn't die and rise from the dead so that we could continue to live in our same existence. (Eph 3:16)

  • How has the power of the gospel transformed your life recently? 
  • Do you expect to be changed or transformed through spending time with him in prayer? 

Take Home 2: If we are going to be able to truly comprehend the love of God, we must recapture the fear of the Lord (Eph 3:19)

  • When you come to the Lord, do you tend to focus on God's love or God's sovereignty/power?
  • How can we be led by God's Word more than being led by our emotions/feelings?
  • What's your view of sin and how it impacts the life of the believer?
  • What does the role of confession look like in your prayer life?

Take Home 3: The way in which we react to the events of this world is directly tied to our prayer lives (Luke 18:1)

  • What is your first response when you begin to "lose heart"?
  • how does prayer affect the way you view the world? Current events? Culture? 

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