June 9, 2024

Trusting God’s Justice

During week four of Out of Context, Pastor Chip discusses the true meaning of the commonly known verse Psalm 37:4.

Dive deeper into this week's message with these discussion questions!

• How has this message changed the way you view this commonly quoted verse?
• What do you fret or worry about most in your life?
• What causes you to be most envious?  Why is that?
• What’s your typical response to “evildoers” or “wrongdoers”?
• When in your life have you thought "the grass is greener on the other side?"
• Practically speaking, what does being still before the Lord look like in your life?
• This psalm says to “be still” but it also says to “do good”… how can we find that balance? What does trusting in the Lord looking like while also living intentionally?

Take Home 1: We do not live according to what we currently see, but based on what we know is assured in the future (Ps. 37:3)
• What distracts you from trusting in God?
• Take a moment to reflect – What do your conversations, reactions, and attitude indicate what you put your trust in?
• What do you believe is assured in the future? (What does the Bible say that gives you hope?)

Take Home 2: Our emotions follow what we focus on and give energy to (Ps. 37:1,8)
• What does your current lifestyle show to the lost world about the kingdom?
• What are you focusing on and giving energy to? When you really think about it, is it worth the emotions that follow?
• What might you need to do to change how you respond to negative situations in your life?

Take Home 3: At some point we have to decide whether or not there is cosmic justice (Ps. 37:6)
• Do you believe that there is a day when God is going to ultimately act and make all things right? If so, how does this affect your life today?
• What word or phrase would you use to describe your relationships with others?
• Where am I in the continuum when looking at my life and reading Romans 12: 9-21 (e.g., "Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good.").
• How can you be a peacemaker this week?

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