June 2, 2024

What are the plans?

In the third week of Out of Context, Pastor Chip dives into Jeremiah 29:11!

Dive deeper into this week's message with these discussion questions! 

Week 3 — Jer. 29:1-11


  • How has this message changed the way you view this commonly quoted verse?
  • How do you usually respond/react to something that you don’t want to hear or believe?
  • Have you ever felt like the Lord was speaking directly to a situation that you were going through?
  • What’s your Babylon? Where does God have you even though you may not want to be there?
  • How do you know when you’re hearing from the Lord vs hearing from a “false prophet”?
  • Based on this message, how can the local church shine a better light in the community?

Take Home 1: God is sovereign (Jer 29:11)

  • What does God being Sovereign mean to you?
  • Pastor Chip emphasizes that there are no “oopses” with God. Is that something you struggle to believe when you’re going through difficulties or when you see injustices in the world?
  • How do you live in the tension between God’s Sovereignty and humanity’s free will?
  • Do you believe that He’s sovereign over your story?

Take Home 2: We need to rethink our role as the people of God especially in our civil engagement (Jer 29:7)

  • How are you personally challenged by this point?
  • How do you “ seek the welfare” of your community?
  • When you pray, do your prayers include your community? Your leaders? Our national leaders? Our world?
  • How does Jer. 29:7 impact you as it relates to your prayer life?
  • “Quiet, peaceful, dignified, godly” — Do these words describe you? Your prayers? Your actions? Your attitude? Do you have areas you could work on?

Take Home 3: We really need to develop a greater love and trust for God's Word (Jer 29:4)

  • Do we, as a culture, love and trust God’s word?
  • What part of the Bible do you have a hard time loving and trusting in? (What challenges you?)
  • What/Who do you lean on when life gets hard? Is it God and His Word?

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