May 19, 2024

Not as it appears to be

In Week 2 of Out of Context Pastor Chip takes on the commonly misused verse Matthew 18:20.

Dive deeper into this week's message with these discussion questions! 

Week 2 — Mt. 18:15-22


  • How has this message changed the way you view this commonly quoted verse?
  • "Not everything is as it appears to be”: What comes to mind in your family/marriage/business? When do you most often "fake" reality/become a "poser?"
  • Do you tend to approach the world (those outside of the Church) with “Bible bullets” or with your lifestyle (the way in which you reflect Christ)?
  • Are you as evangelistic to your brothers or sisters in Christ as you are to the world?
  • How do you typically react or respond when you are wronged by another person? Who do you usually turn to?
  • What keeps you from talking to a fellow brother/sister one-on-one about how they have wronged you?
  • How often do we approach sinners with a “gotcha” instead of a heart of restoration?

Take Home 1: Sin must be taken seriously by the church (Mt. 18:15)

  • What is your personal response to sin?
  • How can we love others (“all are welcome”) while also taking sin seriously as a church?
  • How do we avoid further hurt or a sense of betrayal in times of admonishment?
  • What would others say about how you're living out your Christian Faith? In other words, what distinguishes you from a non-believer?

Take Home 2: Our relationships must be taken seriously by the church (John 17:20-21)

  • Do you take your relationships with the Body of Christ seriously?
  • Do you see others who aren’t in the body of Christ with dignity, value, and worth?
  • Are there any areas of division that are keeping you from reflecting Christ?
  • Have you ever been divisive against another church?
  • What "guardrails" (and relationships) have you put in place in your life that hold you accountable?

Take Home 3: Unforgiveness must be taken seriously by the church (Mt. 18:21)

  • “We’re people of forgiveness.” Take a moment to reflect. Is there anyone in your life who you haven’t forgiven?
  • What hurt are you carrying from someone else? What hurt have you experienced from others that has you chained/binded up?
  • Do you view yourself as someone who forgives and forgets easily, or one who holds onto a grudge/negative comment before being able to move on?  What do you think made you this way?
  • How often have you reached your “cutoff” for forgiving somebody?
  • Who do you need to make it right with? What are some ways to make things right with a family member, neighbor, friend, colleague at work when a relationship turns negative?

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