Marriage Mentoring Program

We have a team of successfully married couples who have the training and experience to help other engaged and married couples through our marriage mentoring program. This program provides a customized mentoring plan based on your specific relationship needs.

How to Get Started

We're excited to help you get started! After you complete a questionnaire and an online, professional relationship assessment a custom mentoring plan will be determined based on your relationship needs. 

If mentoring is appropriate, then you will be matched with a trained mentor couple with life experiences that are similar to yours.  

Couples typically receive 5-8 sessions at a mentor couple's home, each lasting roughly 90 minutes. There is no charge for the mentoring sessions. However, there is a $35 fee for the questionnaire to get started.

Arrangements for childcare are your responsibility and must be done at a separate site so that there aren't any disruptions or distractions during mentoring sessions. 

If you are engaged, upon completion of the mentoring program, you will receive a certificate enabling you to receive a discount on your Florida Marriage License fee. 

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Mentors and Mentees

Other Marriage Counseling Options

Couple hands marriage

Talk With a Pastor

If you would like to discuss your needs with a pastor or have questions about the process for getting help, please call (941) 921-5784 or email

Become a Marriage Mentor

Partner with a younger couple and

• Share your knowledge and experience

• Provide a healthy marriage role model

• Teach proven ways to resolve issues

• Facilitate life-changing results

• Leave a lasting legacy that will impact generations

Marriage Mentoring