Grace Kids

Childcare for 0 weeks - 3rd grade @ all services

0 - 2 YEARS


We offer two rooms, our Nursery "Crawler" room (0-1yr old), and our Nursery "Walker" room (1-2 yr olds). In both of our nursery rooms, we love, we praise, we encourage, we play, and we soothe, while playing worship songs/videos.



We offer two rooms, our Toddler 2 room (2-3 yr olds) and our Toddler 3 room (3-4 yr olds).

In our Toddler 2 room, our focus is to to love on your kids and impress on them Godly principles through unstructured play, worship music, and coloring! In the Toddler 3 Room, we begin to introduce a curriculum/craft and more structure to their play while they listen to/watch worship songs and hear the Word of God.

AGES 5-6 


Once your child is potty trained and over 3 years old, they are ready for our Preschool ministry!

Every week we have structured lessons, crafts, games, and combined LIVE worship with our elementary kids.



Calling all Kindergarteners to 3rd Graders! Your elementary child will love our highly interactive weekend service.

Each week we play games, go through our sermon series, engage in LIVE worship, and act out our stories in our Bible Theater!

Buddy Burrow (1500x1000)

The Buddy Burrow

Available Sundays during the 10am & 11:30am service at our Lakewood Ranch Campus

The Buddy Burrow is a self-contained classroom designed for children with special needs, ages PreK—5th grade. 

- sensory friendly environment

- knowledgeable teachers

- Tailored biblical activities

- sensory and behavioral supports 

Grace Kids Boys

Our goal at kids@grace

Help all children experience the love and JOY of Jesus. 

We do this with live and engaging worship, bible lessons, interactive storytelling, and more! 

Each grade receives a specific curriculum in order to hear God’s Word with clarity and understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ages?

  1. Childcare for 0 weeks to 3rd grade available at all weekend services!
  2. NOTE: if there's a desire to keep your 4th & 5th grader in kids instead of Bridge - usually if they have a younger sibling in Kids - that's totally okay!!

Who is my child with?

  1. Grace Kids is made up of trained staff and background-checked volunteers.
  2. You can enjoy our main service knowing your child is safe and cared for! Don't worry- our staff will contact you if any emergency arises.

Security Protocols

  • Dutch doors are installed in every classroom. (Lakewood Ranch Campus)
  • All doors are locked during activities. (Bee Ridge Campus)
  • On-site security personnel. (Both Campuses)
  • No one enters/exits without credentials. (Each in-person campus)
  • All volunteers receive background checks before serving.

How can I volunteer?

  • Do you have a heart for children’s ministry? We would love to get you plugged in and serving at one of our many services!
  • Simply fill out our volunteer form by clicking the "Get Involved" tab at the top of the website and scroll down to "Serve in the Church." There you'll see a form to fill out to get started! As a volunteer, you will work with your campus pastor to make your own schedule and find the right classroom fit for you. 
  • Please note: Volunteers MUST undergo a background check. If you are a student who wishes to serve, you must be older than 12 and are required to serve with an adult. 

Do you have a Special Needs Program?

  1. Buddy Burrow (Special needs; Pre K - 5th grade)
  2. Available at 10 AM & 11:30 AM service, Lakewood Ranch Campus only

Where can you find us?

  1. Lakewood Ranch - Kids area across from the auditorium
  2. Bee Ridge - Kids building to the left of the main building

How do I check-in/pick up my child?

  1. Once you are registered in our system, check-in is a quick and simple process! 
  2. Go to an iPad station, follow the instructions, and print tags for your child. Be sure to hold onto your second tag for pick-up! Drop off your child in their specific age room. 
  3. After service, bring your tag back to the same room and pick them up. New to Grace? Plan your visit. 

What are we doing to keep children safe?

  • Any concerns (allergies/medical/etc.) are printed on name tags.
  • Access to first aid kits in every classroom.
  • Proper protocol for incident reporting. 
  • * Contact for more details.

In case of emergency, how will I be contacted?

  1. Parents/Guardians of children in “Nursery & Transition” and “Buddy Burrow” will receive pagers for instant communication, if necessary.
  2. All other parents/guardians will receive a call/text message.
The kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. (Luke 18:16)

Kids Events

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Drop off your child at Grace Kids during any of our weekend services, so while you're growing in your relationship with Jesus, they can too!


Grace Kids Experience takes place during all regular weekend services at both Lakewood Ranch and Bee Ridge campuses. 


Plan your first visit with us! We would love to know that you are coming and help you with the check-in process. Click here to get started.

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