Online campus

The perfect Bible Study method for Online - SOAP

Thanks for your interest in connecting with fellow believers over the Bible!

It's important that we find more ways to connect with other believers during the week over Scripture.

To make this easy for you to both encourage others and to be strengthened in Christ, we're using a Scripture-reading method called SOAP (Scripture Observation Application Pray) - as a church!

After reading the daily Scripture, we'd encourage you to post your thoughts as what you get out of the reading may help others who read after you. This is a judgement-free zone and we believe that church is done together.

Your thoughts are valuable to others at Grace!

S - Scripture

Just give the Scripture a read through. When you're done, pick 1-3 verses or so that stood out. So you'll just do "7-9" for example so others know where you're looking.

O - Observation

This is writing down what stood out to you in the verses above. It can be 1 or more sentences.

A - Application

How will what you've observed above change your behavior? Or how will you think differently about something based on what you've observed?

P - Prayer

As a result of what you've learned, what do you want to say to God?

... and that's it! That's SOAP. We invite you to share your thoughts with others and encourage others in what they've learned.

You can hop in or out at any time and invite others to participate!