Hot Mess Week 2: The Closet

Sermon Transcript

Good morning to everybody, and also good morning to those who watch via the internet and the mobile app. Can everybody, sort of, appreciate that little bumper video, right? Everybody’s got that closet at home. Come on. You got that closet at home, or that drawer, or the glove box in your car, or maybe your car in general that you don’t want anybody to see.  Dash – dash

At our house, you know, we have six children. At our house it is the drawer in the kitchen. And I’m going to tell you there’s nothing godly about that drawer. It needs to be rebuked. What happens is all the kids, and every single one of them, I don’t know why they’ve agreed. It’s like the Tower of Babel. Everybody agreed to do something. They’ve all agreed that they’re going to take all of the things that they never accomplished or finished, you know, like a candle for a birthday that’s got wax on it. They’ve thrown it in there. Strings. 

And then my youngest son, Luke, he gets sharp objects. I mean, there’s like razor blades in there, and scissors, and Chinese shurikens. You know, those stars in those bad movies where it’s like, “I love you. I’m your brother. I kill you.” You know, one of those things where they do this stuff? 

And so, in this drawer it’s like an accumulation, it’s like demonic. It’s just terrible. And the only thing in that drawer that is mine is this little plastic box where there’s a couple of screws, and a couple of nails, which exhausts my handyman work around the house. 

And so, what happens is they store all that stuff in there. It builds up, and then my plastic box is on top of that, and they shut the drawer. And you know what happens. The plastic box goes up so when you go to pull on the drawer it doesn’t open. Are you following me here? It’s terrible. 

Well, none of the kids, since they didn’t pay for the house, they don’t care about anything. They just yank on the drawer rather than just doing what they need to do is just put their hand in there like I have to do, and push down on the plastic box to pull it out. They just yank so that the little knob is bent, and the wood’s broken. It’s god awful. Everybody can relate to that. 

Well, here’s the thing, though. We laugh, and it’s funny, and all that, but in our lives we all have that closet that we don’t want anybody to know about at all. All of a sudden it got real, didn’t it? And so, the closet’s there, and there’s thing. Maybe we lied, or cheated, or did something here, did something there. We got that closet. And that closet is just always there. We don’t want anybody to see it. We don’t want anybody to know that it’s there. And it just haunts us in our lives, and keeps us from becoming all that God wants us to be. 

So, we’re going to talk about that here this weekend at Grace. And I really believe you’re going to leave transformed after the message that you’re going to hear here in just a minute. 

But before we get there I want to make sure that everybody’s up to speed. I always believe there’s probably visitors in every service. I believe there’s people that maybe missed last week. Maybe they were on spring break, or whatever. And then, you might have been here last week, but it’s always good for all of us just to remember what we’re doing. 

We’re in a five-week series called, “Hot Mess.” And what we’re talking about in this particular series are things that will transform our lives. I’m not trying to just give you some information so that you can recite Bible bullets, or you can recite something about God. I want this to be something that deposits deeply within all of us, because I believe that the greatest testimony that you and I have about that Jesus is still alive and lives are the changed lives that He does in you and me. It’s not about telling everybody this chapter, or verse. It’s about seeing in our lives transformation. 

So, that’s what this whole series is about. And there’s two pillars that I’m focused on in this series. The first pillar is this: That Christianity is not performance based, but is relational in nature. 

And I think many Christians can say, “I’m not saved by my works. I’m not saved by what I do.” But almost everybody I talk to at some point goes, “Well, they’re not a Christian because of this.” That’s a performance based understanding. And I want us to really look at that, and understand that Christianity is more relational in nature. 

Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t believe that God wants to do good things in our lives, but I don’t believe that those are the root of our salvation. They may be the fruit of our salvation, but they’re not the root. God wants a relationship with you and me, and all of us know this intuitively. When you have a great relationship with someone, performance comes natural. It’s just part of it. When you’re in love with somebody, I mean, flowers are coming. When that relationship is estranged, when there’s no relationship, it becomes very difficult to perform. And I want us to understand it’s not based on our performance. It’s based on the performance that Jesus Christ did for you and me. But I don’t want us to just be able to quote that. I want us to know that. 

And secondarily here, this is important, too, to go with this, is that we’re all a hot mess. And I know religious people. Their skin’s crawling, and everything else. But the reality is that there’s nobody in this room, myself included, that doesn’t have issues. That doesn’t have things that God is working on them. That doesn’t have struggles. But we’re God’s beloved mess. 

And understanding those two things at the same time are so freeing and transforming. And that’s what we want to deal with in this series. 

But today, we’re going to talk about the closet. We’re going to talk about that area that nobody really wants to talk about. Nobody really wants to deal with. We’re going to talk about it. We’re going to open it up, and we’re going to see that God has a solution for you and me. 

And to do that, we’re going to do three things. There’s going to be three acts in the message this morning. 

The first is going to be a book, and a story. 

The second’s going to be a view, and a solution. 

And then, we’re going to do some reflective thoughts at the end that we can think about over the week, and I think it’s going to change our life. 

So, let’s get to business here. 

A book, and a story. You say, “What does that mean?” 

Well, there’s a book that Stephen Camarata wrote called, “The Intuitive Parent.” It’s a really interesting book. What he found was this: He found that children in western culture are given all kinds of knowledge very, very quickly. 

I mean, you see it. Our kids go to a school, and you’re in line to pick your kids up. Every bumper sticker says, “My kid’s smarter than your kid.” You ever seen those? “My kid’s smarter than your honor student.” And then, every once in a while somebody’s funny. They’re like, “My dog’s smarter than your kid.” 

But the deal is this: We’re downloading all this information into our kids. We walk around, and go, “Ha! My kid’s three years old, but he’s reading the encyclopedia.” 

You know, I’m like, “Man, my kid’s three years old, and he’s dumb as a rock and has a dirty drawer in the kitchen.” You know? 

But the deal is we take pride in, “Hey, can you say this? Can you do this?” 

And what he found out in studying children was that without a great relationship with their parents, without an underpinning of relationship, knowledge too quick was actually more detrimental for kids long term than it was for those who got it later that had a great relationship with their mom and dad, and had a great relationship underpinning. What he found was that when the knowledge came they had the discernment, and the relationship, and the understanding to apply that knowledge with wisdom. That knowledge that came too fast was detrimental. 

Now, you say, “What does that have to do with anything?” Well, it has to do with a lot of things, because what I would like to suggest to you is that there is a story that all of us know. Whether you’ve been in church for 25 years, or maybe this is the first time you’ve ever shown up to church. We all know a story, and we know the story of Adam and Eve. 

I would like to suggest to you that many times we read that story through a lens that’s foreign to the way it was written. We read Genesis one, two, and three, and what we want to know is how long did it take God to create the world? What’s creation all about? Where did it come from? What’s going on? 

I want to submit to you that is a very scientific way to read Genesis one, two, and three. And the people that originally wrote that, and the people that would have originally read that would have never been thinking in those capacities at all. 

I think what we need to understand when we go to read Scripture is Scripture’s not about the stories, and it’s not about the people. Scripture is about God. It’s about Him. And even in the stories of the people that we read like hero stories, like a Sampson, man. Check out Sampson. Long hair. He’s strong. Doing all this stuff. The story of Sampson is about how God anoints a man who doesn’t want to do what God asks him to do, but yet God still accomplishes His plans through that person. 

When we read the story of David it’s not about David. It’s about God. It’s about how God uses people who are humble. David would’ve never met Goliath if he wouldn’t have been willing to serve his father, and take food to his brothers. That’s how he ended up there. And Saul, who was a king, right? Who should’ve been out on the front lines fighting, right? A day’s going to come when David should’ve been out on the front lines fighting, but he’s back at his house, too. 

There’s Saul in all of us, and David in all of us. And it’s all how God is working with people. 

I’d like to submit that the creation story is about a God who is working with people that He has created. And when we come up on this story what we find is they have a very childlike perspective. They may be full grown, but they’re childlike. Adam doesn’t even know he needs a helper. He doesn’t even know he needs a wife. There’s a childlike perspective in Adam. And what God wants to do is God wants to have a relationship with these people in such a real and honest way where the information that they get comes exactly at the time that God knows that they need that information. 

And so, what God does is He brings all the animals to Adam, and He says, “Adam, what do you see?” 

He says, “I don’t have anyone like this.” 

He says, “Great.” 

You see it in Adam and Eve. They’re running around the Garden naked. We know the only people that run around the house naked are children, right? I have a resident nudist at my house. Her name is Esther. I mean, it’s like, seriously? She runs into her back room, strips off all of her clothes, and then comes running through the house. And of course, my kids, because they’re not sanctified, I don’t even know that they’re Christians, but instead of going, “Esther, you need to go put your clothes back on, because we have visitors here.” What do they do? They go, “Go! Woo! Go!” It’s terrible. You know, the UPS guy’s at the door. “How’re you doing Mr. Bennett?” And here’s my girl, “Woo!” And the kids are going, “Go, Esther.” And you’re like, “Yeah, I’m a pastor. God bless you. Come to my church. I can teach you how to sin.” 

So, you see this childlike perspective in there, and you see that God’s wanting them to grow in wisdom. But in a relationship with Him. Not too fast. Not too much. Spending time with Him. But they have a choice. The choice that they have is pretty clear. 

Here’s what it says, “The Lord God commanded man, saying, ‘You may surely eat of every tree in the garden…”  —You can eat of all of it. Tree of Life. All of it. I want you eating of all of it. There’s just one tree I don’t want you to eat of. It’s the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That’s a merism in the literary world, and a merism takes totality from good to evil. All of it. All the evil. All the good. 

He says, “I don’t want you to eat from this. You’re not ready to get all that knowledge. You’re not ready to get there. Let Me build in you relationship. Let Me show you what you need to see as you need to see it. Trust Me. Walk with Me.” 

Well, they have a choice. They can do it God’s way, or they can do it their way. They can get the iPad out, and get the download so fast that they don’t know what to do with it. He says, “Listen, when you do this it’s going to dramatically change everything. And that day you do that you’re going to die. Something’s going to happen that’s not going to be good. Stay in the relationship with Me. Let Me instruct you. Let Me work with you. Let Me train you. Let Me do all those things. Don’t go eat of that tree. You’ll get stuff too fast.” 

Well, somebody was actually in the garden with a polaroid, believe it or not. And here’s the picture. The beauty is that Adam is there scratching his head going, “I’m not sure I should do this. This is crazy. This is not good.” And we know what happened. They ate. Then it’s interesting what is said in Scripture. “The Lord God said, ‘Behold, the man’s become like one of Us.” 

They were already like God, but all of a sudden something is changed. Now they know good and evil. What’s happened is all the good and all the evil has converged on them at one single moment. Fear. Doubt. Joy. Peace. They don’t know what to do with it. It’s all overwhelming. And what happens is there is a premature metamorphosis that happens in this couple. What happens is this: Their purpose and destiny. They were created to live for God’s glory, but now all of a sudden this download of all this stuff, fear, doubt, anxiety, joy, peace, and all they can do is think about themselves. All they can do is look inward, because all this information now is flooding around them. And rather now than living for God in that relationship with a safe underpinning, now all they can do is live through the lens of self, because everything is flying around. 

We all know it intuitively. I mean, I can’t tell you how many times in my life I thought, “Man, if I could just get that one thing life will be great.” And I got it, and it was the most terrible thing I could have ever gotten in my entire life. Other things I thought were horrible. “I can’t believe that happened.” It ended up being the greatest thing, because I can’t discern very well between good and evil. None of us can, and yet we’ll judge people from afar that we don’t even know. “Oh, they’re not a Christian. They’re not this.” Right? 

See, purpose and destiny has been changed here. Now, it’s all about self. It’s all about the way I see things. It’s all about, “I don’t know what to do with all the stuff that I gotta do. How do I adjust?” 

Not only that, but their sense of community’s been changed. They were created to live in relationship. God is a Trinitarian God. God lives in perfect relationship. You know that relationship. People say, “Is God holy? Is He love? Is He holy? Is He love?” Okay, well the relationship keeps holiness from being tyranny, and keeps His love from being infatuation. 

Relationship is the essence of the Creator God. And they were created to live in relationship, but now they live in separation. They’re out of the garden, and not only is their life separated, but, as we continue to read through Scripture, all of the relationships fragment. Brothers kill brothers. People lie. People steal. People cheat. Everything’s changed. 

Not only that, but the sense of temperament. 

You ever purchased a dog? We did that one time. I know there’s probably some canine lovers in here. Don’t be mad at me. But we bought an Australian Shepherd, and the problem is we didn’t know that Australian Shepherds are herding dogs. So, with six kids in the house the dog wanted to herd all of my kids. Which means he was snipping at their legs all the time, and we realized that was a bad buy. And I knew that it was time for this beautiful little puppy to go to somebody else’s house when I saw my young boy, Jack, running through the house screaming, hands in the air, tears coming down his eyes, and the dog with both paws on his shoulders, riding him around the house as he was running. It’s like, “He’s out. It’s rapture for Horton.” Anyway. 

See, we were created to live, Adam and Eve were created to live in peace. And that’s shalom in Hebrew. That’s a far greater peace than just feeling peace. That’s like everything in life being ordered. Everything being right. 

But now they live in fear. God shows up, and what do they do? They hide. Living in fear, they’re hiding from God where originally it was all this beautiful peace. Now, it’s fear. Not only that, but their openness is gone. Where they were created to live in vulnerability. I mean, they walked around the garden. They were totally vulnerable. Now, they live a life of cover-up. 

What’re they doing? They’re sewing leaves on themselves to do all this stuff. To cover things up. And what’s happened is they’ve eaten from something that was too much knowledge. 

And we all get this. I mean, you don’t give a nine-year-old kid an iPad unfiltered to let them see everything in the world. You don’t do that. Nobody does that. We don’t put kids that are 12 years old in a car, and say, “Go drive, and go pick me up some milk at the store,” because we know that they don’t have the capacity to understand those things. 

God said, “Work with Me. Stay in relationship with Me. I will show you what you need to see at the right times. Trust Me.” 

But instead, they decided to go and eat, and get all of this knowledge too quickly. 

I think Spurgeon says it the best. “Wisdom…” – Which is what they did not have. – “…is the right use of knowledge. To know is not to be wise. Many men know a great deal, and are all the greater fools for it. There is no fool so great a fool as a knowing fool.” 

And so, this original couple, and maybe you’re here today and you’re like, “I don’t really believe the Bible, or whatever.” That’s fine. But you know the story’s true, because we all know the story’s true. We all know that there’s something about that that’s true. 

Now, if that were the end of the story it wouldn’t be pretty, but the same God that wanted relationship with Adam and Eve still wants relationship with people. And so, for Him to get that relationship back there were things that He needed to do for you and me so that we could see the situation for what it was. 

Which is going to move us to the second part of our message: A view, and a solution. 

Now, many of you all, like me, I was born in Kentucky, realize this. When it’s cold in Kentucky, like it was cold here last week, I mean relatively cold for Floridians, but when it’s cold in Kentucky if you go out in your car in the middle of the day, even if the sun’s shining bright, when you get in your car it’s still cold. You know, those leather seats are like rocks. When you’re in Florida if it’s cold outside, you get in your car in the middle of the day and it’s warm, because the sun’s near the equator, and it’s beautiful. You’re like, “It feels so good in the car when you get in there, because it’s nice and warm.” The sun’s a beautiful thing. 

So, here’s what I want you to do. I want everybody here to use that creative noggin that God gave you, and I want you to really see this view with me. I want you to see this in your brain. 

So, you get up one morning, and you get your coffee. You know, whether you have a Keurig machine, or whether you do it the way God does it, with a French press. That’s the way I do it. You do it however you want to do it. It’s not a salvific issue, okay? Anyway. And I like my coffee black, because that’s the way God drinks His. 

Somebody last night was like, “I rebuke that. Cream!” 

I was like, “Chill out. It’s not an issue of salvation.” You know? So, anyway. 

You get up. You got your coffee, or whatever it is that you like. Your orange juice, or grape juice. Whatever it is that you like. Prune juice. Whatever it may be that you like. So, you’re out and you walk into the breakfast nook. Maybe you’re at somebody’s house, or at a condo, and it’s a little chilly outside, but you walk into the breakfast nook and the sun is coming in. And it’s beautiful. And you sit down with your drink of choice, and you’re like, “Man, this is going to be an awesome day.” The sun is coming in. Just beautiful. I mean, it’s beautiful. 

In fact, just so that I can help you see the picture, here it is. You’re there with me, right? Okay. 

So, we’re all there. We’re all there. We got our drink. We’re sitting there. The sun’s beautiful. I mean, it’s awesome. Just fantastic. You’re sitting there going, “Man, today’s going to be a great day.” And if you have one of those demonic animals called cats, they’ll be laying on the tile where the sun comes in, because the tile’s warm. 

So, you’re sitting there. You’re drinking your coffee. Everything’s good. Life is awesome. You’re sitting there just soaking it in, because the sun’s beautiful, radiant, glorious, all that stuff. 

Then all of a sudden you go, “Ew, there’s a lot of dust and debris floating in the air. Ew, there’s a lot of lent and hair along the baseboard. Man. Man. Honey, did you vacuum last week?” No. Don’t do that. You’ll get in trouble. 

Then you start seeing some of the nicks on the wall. You see where the corner’s been ripped off. You see where on the table somebody’s taken a knife, your kids, and they’ve chipped away at the table. And they’ve taken their markers and colored on the table, and fingernail polish experiment that they did one night when you weren’t home on the table. 

And all of a sudden that great moment of the sun, and glorious splendor, is just downright ugly. And so what you do is you just sort of move over to the next room where it’s a little bit darker, and you don’t have to see all the mess. Everybody’s there, right? You’ve all been there. 

Okay. God knew that you and I would have a hard time seeing our mess. And so, what God did is God had to shine some sunshine into our lives. Nothing wrong with sunshine. Sunshine’s beautiful. Gorgeous. But if you stay in the sunshine a little bit too long you start seeing the imperfections. God said, “Hey, for people to understand where they’re at,” because God takes time. He’s a good God. He’s a loving God. He says, “I’m going to have to give them My law. And My law is going to expose in them things that they’re probably not going to want to see.” 

Paul says it this way. He says, “What shall we say then? That the law is sin?” –What’re you going to say? That the sunlight in the breakfast nook’s a bad deal? No. It’s beautiful. It’s gorgeous. No. – “But if it would not have been for the law I wouldn’t have known sin.” 

If it wouldn’t have been for that light in the breakfast nook I wouldn’t have known that my sin existed. And what happens is when we see that about ourselves, we don’t really want to deal with it. And what we do is we go to another room. And that other room is a little bit darker, and we can feel a little bit better about ourselves, because it’s not as bright and ugly as it is in the room. So, we go into the other room, try to deal with our life a little bit. We still have problems, but it’s not as bad as the problems that it was in the other room. So, we get in the room. We, sort of, start making our fills. We started doing all this stuff, trying to do all this stuff. 

And I call this the measure-up mentality. What happens is we get exposed to something, and it may not be God’s law. It may be something like, “Be a better parent, or be a better wife.” And you read those things, and you’re trying to perform and do all this stuff. And you try. And you try harder. And it seems like the more you try, the more you try, the more you’re just getting exposed with all of the mess that’s going on in your life. 

You come to the realization it’s in the mess that God is far away. And so, we don’t want the mess in our life. We get these closets, and we store stuff up in there, shut the door, try to live up to some other stuff, don’t want to deal with anything. Because what we do is we’ve been told all of our life, “God’s not in the mess. He’s not there. In fact, God hates the mess. God’s so holy He wants to just bomb the mess.” 

And we go, “Well, I don’t want the mess.” 

So, we cover up the mess so we don’t have to see the mess. We don’t go into the sun, because we don’t want to see all the imperfections. All we want to do is try, and try, and try, but all it does is become more debilitating, and more debilitating. And what we do is we learn to cram stuff in a closet, and we learn to smile real big and act like everything is alright. And then we tell everybody to come to Jesus, and they look at us and they go, “Why would I want to come there? Your life is just as miserable as mine.” 

I’d like to suggest to you that there’s another way, and there’s a better way. And there’s a Biblical way. And that way is the, simply, “I’m a mess, and that’s just what I am.” 

That when God says, “Hey, here’s all the standards that exposes everything about us.” 

And we realize, “Man, this kitchen is a mess. Everything in this room is a mess. Everything in the closet is a mess.” 

The longer you stay in the kitchen, the longer you stay in the light, the more you see the mess. The longer you allow the mess to be seen you realize something that is the most important and freeing message you will ever hear. It’s that in the mess God is near. He’s there in the mess. He’s not far from it. He’s there. 

We keep running from it. God says, “No. No. I didn’t give the sunlight to make you feel bad. I gave the sunlight to show you the situation so that you could understand the cure.” 

See, the religious people couldn’t understand why Jesus always hung around the mess. That’s where He went. He was always involved in the mess. He didn’t come for the non-mess. He came for the mess, and the more you and I see the mess the more we start to see Him. That He is there in the mess with us. 

Now, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to get out a sheet of paper. I want you to get out your phone, your iPad, whatever it is that you take notes on, and I want you to write these down. Because I want you to think about these things not only today, but over the next week. And I want you to allow God to minister to you to bring transformation. 

The first is this: The mess must be fully exposed before the cure can fully happen. 

See, we’ve got a thing that we do in Christianity. It’s not Biblical, and I don’t want to offend anybody, but nowhere in the Bible did anybody go, “Would you please shut your eyes, bow your heads, and raise your hand.” Nobody ever did that. Peter, on the day of Pentecost, didn’t say, “Okay, I just preached a great message. Everybody bow your heads if you’d like to accept Jesus put your hand in the air.” It never worked like that. There was none of that that went on. 

What Jesus said was this, “Follow Me. Take a journey with Me. The more you go with Me, the more you follow Me, the more your going to see your inabilities, the more you’re going to see your mess.” And you see finally these people are getting like Peter. He’s like, “Lord, depart from me. I’m a sinful man.” 

Jesus is like, “Dude, I ain’t departing. It’s why I came, dude.” 

The prostitutes are like, “What do I do? What do I do?” 

He’s like, “Where’s your accusers?” 

She’s like, “I don’t know.” 

He goes, “Well, I’m not going to accuse you either. Go. Sin no more. Go live a different life. Be transformed. You know your mess. Now you’re seeing that I love you in your mess. Now you’re fully getting the understanding that I could not love you anymore than I love you.” 

And often times we want to get out of seeing all of the mess too quickly, and we don’t allow the cure to fully happen. Let the sun come in, and let it shine in the kitchen and find Jesus there in the mess. 

Secondly, the cure doesn’t guarantee us the life that we’ve always wanted, but rather puts us back on course. 

This is another damaging thing. Everybody says, “Come to Jesus. Man, He’s gonna make your life great. Man, He’s going to solve all your problems.” 

Many times when you come to Jesus your problems just get started. See, we’re trying to do that…’cause all we want to do is to get people to raise their hand. Jesus is like, “I want you to follow Me. I’m not asking you to raise your hand. I’m asking you to follow Me.” 

And see, what happens is when we start following Jesus, we go back to where we need to be, which is, “God, I want to learn from You in a relationship rather than just doing all the things that I want to do. Or the things that I think are right.” 

And what happens is we start unplugging the worldly knowledge we’ve acquired, and start gaining God’s wisdom. That’s why the Bible, sometimes, is so foreign. Like, “Man, that doesn’t make any sense. Why would I want to do that? That don’t make any sense.” 

God’s saying, “Spend time with Me. You’ve learned a lot of things that you shouldn’t have learned, child. And what I want to do is I want you to see that in the mess, I’m there, but I’m there to work with you. I’m there to make things different.” 

Which is why, thirdly, we ultimately are learning that Jesus didn’t rise from the dead for you and I to continue in the same old, same old. What He wants you and me to see is that when we’re in that room, and everything’s being exposed, that He’s there with us. 

Here’s the way that the writer to the Hebrews said it. Just let this sink in today. “Every priest goes to work at the altar each day, offers the same old sacrifices year in and year out, and never makes a dent in the sin problem.” 

Not one dent. Listen to this: “As a priest, Christ made a single sacrifice for sins, and that was it! He sat down…” –It’s okay. It’s okay. – “He sat down right beside God.” 

Listen to this. Let this sink in. “It was a perfect sacrifice by a perfect person to perfect some very imperfect people. By that single offering He did everything that needed to be done for everyone who takes part in the purifying process.” 

God, I want to stand in Your light, and I just want You to start showing me what’s going on so that what I can see, listen, this is the most frank thing you’re going to hear. You’re in the room, and you start seeing all the things, all the walls, all the fingerprints, all the stuff that’s going wrong in that room, and all of a sudden you find Jesus in there. And you go, “Oh this is so awesome.” 

And He goes, “No. No. No. It’s way better. All of the imperfections on that wall, I’ve already paid for someone to come and repair those things for you.” 

And as you’re sitting there in the room, and you’re seeing Jesus, and you see all the issues what you realize is that every failure, paid for by Jesus. Every broken promise, paid for by Jesus. Every lust filled thought, paid for by Jesus. Every single bad day you’ve had, paid for by Jesus. 

And what happens is… I mean, come on. This is great stuff. 

Let Him free you today. Let Him transform you. Not just some line that you say. “Oh, I’m saved this way.” Know that you know it that you know it, and you realize you stay in that room long enough you realize that Jesus is greater than everything that you have ever struggled with. Ever issue that you’ve ever struggled with. And He is there with you in the mess to continue to work on you, and to build you into the person that He wants you to be. And all He wants is for you to stand there in the light and have a relationship with Him. And He will do the work in your life. 

Let Him. 

Don’t make it a creed. Make it a relationship. 

God sent His Son for you and me, so that we could open up the closet and realize that we have a God that loves us. And He already knew the closet. Because to be fully loved you have to be fully known. And He knows all of us. And His verdict over you is, “I love you with an everlasting love.” 

Let’s pray. 

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for this time. I pray that right now Your Spirit would hover over this group. God, I pray that if there’s anybody in here today that has never lived for You, never decided to take that journey for You, they’ve been living for themselves, and they, today, want to take that journey, they want to take that step forward, Lord, I pray that they would find somebody after service with a name badge, I pray that they would find somebody on the pastoral staff, and say, “Hey, I want to take this journey forward. I want to start moving towards knowing God. I want to get baptized. I want to get a next step. I want to take this journey.” 

If that’s you, find somebody after church, and say, “I want to move forward.” 

But for the rest of us in here, maybe many of us, who’ve been following God for a long time, Lord, I pray right now in Jesus name, that it would get out of their head, and get into their spirit, what you have done for them, and that they can open up that closet today, and let everything be seen. And what they will find is You there in the mess. And they will find that You have paid for every single one of those issues. 

Lord, let today be a start of massive transformation in our hearts. I pray, God, that You would lead, guide, and direct us as we leave. That You would watch over us, and protect us. I pray that You’d bring us back safely to when we meet again. And Lord, help us to be bringers, to bring people in to hear about You, Lord, and to know You. So that they can cross the finish line, Lord, of belief, and get into eternity for Your glory. 

Lord, we love You, and thank You for it, in Jesus name. And everybody said Amen. 

Give the Lord a hand clap. Tell Him you love Him. God bless everybody.

Chris PedroComment