Reset Week 6: Prayer

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New years. New beginnings. A time of change. A chance for a clean slate. Some of us will make goals, but not do anything at all. Some of us will actually try for a while. Some will stick to it and make new habits. We do this every new year. Why? Why do we really believe that change can actually happen? Why do so many of us have things we want to change? And why do we always try to do it on our own? People seem to think this is the only season to start building new habits.

So, we make resolutions and we build. And yet, sometimes, it still doesn't go as planned. So, what? Wait until the next New Year's rolls around? Well, what if we had access to a reset for our lives? What if Jesus was offering each and every one of us a chance to be renewed regardless of who you are, where you have been or what you have done? It's time for a restart; a redo. It's time to reset.

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Welcome to everybody and also to those who watch via the mobile app and the internet. We are in a series called "Reset." I like to do this at the beginning of every sermon that I preach, especially when we're in the middle of a series, because there's probably somebody here that's new and there's probably someone that hasn't been here for a week or two out of the series. And I like to bring everybody back up to speed so that nobody feels like they're left out.

At the beginning of every year as a pastor – and I've been doing this for several years – I try to take some time and sort of revisit some things that are important to not only us as a church, but to us as individuals. Thus, I called this series "Reset." What we're doing is basically like if you've ever reset your phone or a computer or an internet router, you reset it and maybe it was a little bogged down and then everything starts flowing good again. This series, the idea behind it is to press the button to reset to start off 2017 focused so that we can experience, as a church and also as individuals, the best that God has for you and me.

Over the last multiple weeks, I've been dealing with what I would consider to be more corporate types of stuff, more body types of stuff or church-wide types of stuff. We dealt with our "why," we dealt with our "what," and we dealt with our "how." And the "why" is our vision. It's what we do. Everything that we do runs through that filter. And that is that we exist to reach the unchurched by being intentional neighbors that reflect Christ. Then we talked about what we do, and that's our mission. And then we talked about how we do it, and that was our role. Then last week, I spoke on regret. If you didn't see that message, I would highly encourage you to go back and watch it, because I believe it'll be something that would help you out in your personal life. So, I made that move for more of the church stuff to more of the individual stuff. We dealt with regret and we're trying to get that out of our life in 2017 so that we can move forward.

This weekend what I'm going to deal with is maybe as important of a topic as a pastor could deal with. It's the subject of prayer. Prayer is not only something that we work with individually, but it also works corporately. So, this is sort of a both/and rather than an either/or. Now, prayer is so important that we talk about because when Christians are asked about their prayer life, it's usually very erratic. When pastors are asked about their prayer lives – listen to this – and they're studied, most pastors in America spend somewhere between 5-10 minutes a day in prayer. That's shocking.

So, I'm not hear to guilt anybody today, because some of you are going, "Oh, man. Prayer. Yeah. That's not my best thing."

Listen. The name of our church is not Guilt Community Church. Okay? It's Grace Community Church. We're not here to guilt anybody. I'm hoping and I'm praying that what I say today will encourage you and inspire you to pray rather than guilt you into praying. So, if that little dude appeared on your shoulder and started whispering in your ear and making you feel bad, just say, "Bye Felicia," get him out of there and move him out of the way or rebuke it in the name of the Lord or whatever you like to do and just get that out of there.

Because, I want you to really listen and lean in because we're going to have a really good message today and we're going to leave here differently than when we came in. And I'm going to do it through four steps. I don't always tell you what I'm going to do before I do it, but we're going to look at a passage of Scripture and I'm going to talk about it. Then I'm going to give you some quotes from some great people throughout the ages of the Church. Then we're going to look at what Jesus did in His own personal prayer life practically so we can walk out of here different. Then we're going to pray together as a church. And I think that we're going to walk out of here differently than when we came in. Sound okay? Are you with me? Everybody with me? Okay. Good. Let's get started.

In Mark 1:32, it says, "That evening at sundown they brought to him all who were sick or oppressed by demons."

Now, I need to give you a little backstory here, because this is important. Jesus had been teaching at the synagogue in Capernaum that day, and when He got done with teaching in the synagogue, He went to Simon's house and He healed Simon's mother-in-law. Then it says, "That evening at sundown," and that would be important for us if we're reading it and maybe don't understand Jewish culture, that that's when you could resume activity because it had been the Sabbath that day. So, at sundown, even though Jesus has had a full day, everybody starts bringing all who are sick or oppressed by demons, that the whole city was gathered together at the door.

Now, obviously, that's a little hyperbole, but the fact of the matter is that everybody, you know it was big time crowd outside of the house. So, Jesus had had a full day and then His day started again as soon as the sun went down, because every in town was bringing everybody they could to Jesus. And I just want to take a moment here, even though we're going to talk about prayer today, I want to be that church that the city wants to bring all the sick and the afflicted and the problem people to the doors here because they know that we'll take care of them. If we're going to look like Jesus, then we need to be that church. Can I get an amen? Come on. Good. Okay. Let's continue on here.

It says, "And he healed many who were sick with various diseased, and cast out many demons. And he would not permit the demons to speak, because they knew him."

Now, Mark is telling us something here theologically, if our ears are open. He's telling us that Jesus isn't just some mere man. Everywhere He goes, the spiritual forces of wickedness are popping up because they know who He is. They know He's not just some guy. They know that He's God in the flesh. But, Jesus says to the demons, "Hey, you need to quiet down. You don't need to say who I am."

Because, Jesus came to make sure that His Father revealed to people who He was. Remember in Matthew 16 when Simon says, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God," Jesus says, "Simon, son of Bar-Jonah, flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven."

He tells the demons to shut up because bottom line is He doesn't want them telling people. He wants His Father telling people. So, we see that Jesus is doing all of this great work, all of this stuff is going on. It probably goes well into the night if the whole town's there. And then here's what Mark says:

"And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed."

Now, you need to sort of revisit this. Full day. At night, everybody comes. And we don't know how long into the night that He worked, but He probably got very little sleep. And early, early, early in the morning, before the sun ever even came out, He goes out to a desolate place and there He prayed. Here's what Mark says:

"And Simon and those who were with him searched for him, and when they found him, they joined in and prayed for several hours."

That's not what it says. That's why I tell y'all to read your Bible. Because some of y'all are going, "That's cool, man."

That's not what it says. Here's what it says:

"And Simon and those who were with him searched for him, and they found him and said to him, 'Everyone is looking for you.'"

Now, I want you to hear what's going on here. The disciples, you know, they got up probably around the crack of dawn. The sun came in, they heard the roosters crowing in the morning, they wiped the sleep out of their eyes. They're like, "This is great." They get something to eat. They're hanging out. And all of a sudden, people start knocking on the door going, "Hey, we want to do that thing that we were doing last night with Jesus."

And they look around and they're like, "Where'd He go? Where's He at?"

So, they go out and find Him and they're like, "Hey, Jesus. Everybody is looking for You. We need to go back. You know? Jesus, that stuff You were doing last night? Touching people? Praying? The Jesus thing that You do is pretty cool. Everybody likes it. Could You get back to town? Because, there's people looking for You and we need to You to get back there and do it."

What's Mark telling us? Mark is telling us that the disciples at this place in their life have no understanding whatsoever of what Jesus is doing out in the desolate place praying. They don't understand it at all. All they know is that Jesus is this cool dude and He does things and He heals people and people like Him. And they're like, "Dude, You need to get back."

He's like the prize dude, you know? "We need to get You back here so You can do this."

They have no understanding of what is going on in Jesus' prayer life. And Mark doesn't record this to make fun of them. He doesn't record this to say that they're bad guys. He doesn't record this to say – all he records it for is for us as a reader to be able to understand that they simply don't understand what's going on. They don't understand Jesus and His praying. Now, later on, they'll get to the place where they ask Jesus, "Will You teach us to pray?"

But, right now, they don't understand it. And then this is what happens:

And he said to them, "Let's go to the next town."

And they're like, "Come again? We've got crowds back here, man."

He says, "No. We're going to go to the next towns that I may preach there also, for that is why I came out."

Now, some translations will translate this as "this is why I came forth" or "this is why I came," which makes it read as if He came to go preach to other people. That is a possible translation, but I'm convinced that most translators don't understand prayer either. The arrest of the verb there should really translate this as "why I came out." They don't understand what "why I came out" means, so they say it must be "why He came forth."

No. Jesus is saying, "Listen guys, the reason I came out of Capernaum, the reason I came out to this place to pray is because I've got other towns to go to. And here's the deal, guys: I can't be writing checks to people that I've not put deposits in the prayer account for. Otherwise, those checks will bounce. I've got to go to some other towns and that's why I came out here. I came out here because I realize that if I don't pray and if I don't spend time with God, then when I go into those other towns to do what you think that I'm supposed to do, this Jesus stuff, it's not going to work. That's not the way it works."

"And he went throughout all of Galilee, preaching in their synagogues and casting out demons."

Now, at this point we ought to be honest and we ought to say, "You know what? The disciples were at a place where they didn't understand how important prayer was." And here's the deal: Maybe we're there in our life. Maybe some of you are thinking, "Man, this ain't a reset. This is like just turning the thing on for the first time."

But, the deal is, okay, I get that. I want to encourage you. I want you to see Mark's not berating these people. He's not making fun of them. He's just saying they didn't know. And oftentimes, many of us don't understand how important it is to pray. So, what I want to do here is I want to give you sort of a cross pollination here of some men and some women at different times and different places. Just listen to those quotes. Just listen to them. They're pretty good.

"If your day is hemmed in with prayer it's less likely to come unraveled."

That's true. I can tell you that for a fact.

"To get nations back on their feet, we must first get down on our knees."

I'm not quite sure who this guy is, Billy Graham, but I think he's somebody. Maybe look him up. He's somewhere in Church history or whatever. But, can I say something? I don't want to offend anybody here. I'm really not trying to offend anybody. I'm trying to pastor you. I'm trying to love on you. The way to get a nation back on their feet is to pray. The way to get a nation back on their feet is not to go on Facebook and tell everybody that they're wrong, because no one has ever posted on Facebook ever where everybody went, "You win. I give up my opinion. I give up my thought. You win."

We're not winning that way. As Christians, we believe that if we want to see God work in our country, we need to be people of prayer. Can you imagine if we spent the energy and time and prayer that we do on everything else? We'd have revival, because there's a lot of time and energy spent on this stuff. Come on. Seriously. Hold me back because I'm going to start preaching here. Okay. Here we go. Let's keep going.

A.W. Tozer: "To desire revival and, at the same time, to neglect prayer is to wish one way and walk another."

How about this one: "History is silent about revivals that didn't begin with prayer."

Silent. Now, none of them did. You go, "Oh, but the day of Pentecost."

Yeah. They were in the upper room praying. Nothing starts; no revival. People weren't sitting in church and there was, all of a sudden, boom. No. Somebody was praying somewhere. How about this one? John Wesley. I don't even know who he is. Anyway.

"God does nothing but by prayer and everything with it."

Here's the real one right here:

F.B. Meyer: "The greatest tragedy of life is not unanswered prayer, but unoffered prayer."

Now, I'm not guilting anybody. I'm trying to get you to the place here where you say, "Okay. You're right, Uncle. I probably should look at my prayer life a little bit differently. But, come on. Is this the time now that you're going to get practical? Because, I need some tools and equipment."

Yes. I am your pastor. I love you. I'm not going to just sit here and tell you this is what you need to do and then say "dismissed." I'm going to give you some practical tools that you can use to help you out in your prayer life. And what we're going to do is we're going to look at five things that Jesus did in His own personal prayer life that all we have to do is adopt them. It'd change everything about our life. So, this is where I would normally say to get out your sheet of paper, get your pen out if you want to write these down. Some of you all like to take phone pictures of whatever because many of y'all say, "You talk so fast and you blow through everything so fast."

That's because I've got 30 minutes to get through all this material. So, I'm going as fast as I can to get through this. Okay? So, here we go. Let's write these down. If you've got an iPad or whatever, you can type it down. Here's the deal.

First of all, Jesus usually had a specific time that He prayed. A time. Mark says that in rising very early in the morning. You see that often in Jesus. There was a time that He would pray. Now, I know because I know some of you. You're going, "There is no way in the world that I'm getting up early. Because, God's not there in the morning."

Okay. I've got you covered. I've got you covered. Listen, listen. I've got you covered. God's a trinity. Okay? In Genesis 1, when the Father's creating the heavens and the earth, it says that evening and morning were the first day. So, God the Father is an evening guy. See how that goes? I've got the evening people covered and the morning people. And some of you are like, "I'm all day long. Partying all the time."

That's the Holy Spirit. He's involved all the time. So, there you go. See how that works? I've got you. But, here's the deal. Listen to me. Lean in here, because this is important. Jesus had a time. And I'm not trying, again, to put anybody under any guilt. Because, if I were to do a poll and ask, most of us don't have a time that we set aside on a regular basis for prayer. But, Jesus did. And we probably need to think that way going forward. Is there a time that I schedule? And listen, if you don't have a time right now, you go, "Well, the time I pray is when something goes really bad."

I get that. Okay? But, maybe you start once a week. Maybe you start there. Once a week say, "This is going to be a time that I set aside for me and God to get real."

Because, let me tell you something: God's always got time for you and me. He's always there ready for you and me. So, He had a time. Secondly, Jesus had – usually, as a general rule – a specific place that He prayed. He would go to a specific place. Mark records that He went out to a desolate place. Other writers say that He would go to a place by Himself. Sometimes it would be on top of a mountain. But, He went at a time and a place somewhere where hopefully He would not get distracted. Even though the disciples came and distracted Him, He was going to places where He could spend some time with Him and the Father.

Now, I want to tell you this, because this is really some cool stuff. Tom, our executive pastor, many years ago got to go out to Van Nuys, California and spend some time with a real icon in the Church. A very awesome guy, pastor and man of God. It was a small group of people that got to spend time with this person. They went to his house. And part of going to his house, this person took them outside and said, "This is where I pray in the morning. Time. This is where I pray in the morning. Place."

And Tom said there were five columns there. And, in front of the columns, the grass was just completely worn to the dirt and you knew that he had been there. And Tom said you could just feel the presence of God at this place. And he would put his hand on one of those columns and one of those columns was his church and one of those columns was his family. He had a time and he had a place that he met with the Heavenly Father. I've heard other stories of ministers that like to walk in the woods. And they've walked in the woods for 20 years. The same route every day, time, at the same place. And they tell stories of how, over the years, they've carved their burdens into trees as they were praying. And as they take that lap again, they see those burdens that had become victories because of those times they've spent in prayer. Time and a place.

Third: Jesus prayed out loud and with emotion. Now, some of y'all just went, "I'm out. I'm out. I'm out. I'm out. You had me. You had me. I was in. I was with you right there. I was feeling the burdens. I was on the prayer walk. The out loud thing and the emotion thing? Done. I'm done."

Well, hold on. Before you tune out, before you shut your computer if you're watching on the internet, listen to me: Anything that gets our time and our energy – anything that gets time and energy – we're going to be engaged. Time and energy will get you engaged. Take your work. If you really are involved in your work and you've put a lot of time and energy into your work and your boss comes along and does something that you don't agree with, you don't just sit back and say nothing. You go home and tell your wife, "I can't believe this happened."

You may tell other people, "I can't believe this happened." And you start getting  motional on the inside because time and energy gets you engaged. You start speaking and you start feeling. That's just the way it works. Like the Super Bowl that's coming up. There's people that like the Atlanta Falcons. There's some people that like the New England Patriots. There's some people that could care less about the Super Bowl. All they want to do is watch the commercials. But, if your time and energy is in any of that stuff, you are engaged. That's why people go, "Touchdown!" and it comes out of their mouth and you go, "Where did that come from?"

I mean, even silent people that never say anything, their time and their energy is in that and they're engaged. And that's the way it is for the Super Bowl. Now, all of us who know what's really going on knows that who cares about the Super Bowl? It's all about Kentucky basketball. And that's where you get time and energy and engage. But, the point is that regardless of all of that, when our time and energy is into something – your family. Somebody comes and says something to your wife, you're not going to just sit there and go, "I'm just going to think in my head what I would say."

No. You're going to go, "Hey, you can't do that."

Because, your time and energy is there. And here's the deal: If you don't defend your wife, your time and energy isn't there. And you know that. Where time and energy is at, we're engaged. And here's what the writer to the Hebrews said to them about Jesus when He prayed: "In the days of His flesh..." – He's risen now, but looking back when He lived – "...Jesus offered up prayers and supplications..." – listen – "...with loud cries and tears to Him who is able to save Him from death, and He was heard because of His reverence."

What was Jesus? Jesus was engaged. We need to be engaged when we pray. And when we're engaged when we pray, we will use the mouth. I mean, your mouth was designed to give God praise. It was designed to speak forth of the great works of God. And when you're engaged and I'm engaged, what happens is we talk about God. And when we talk, we pray. And we say it out loud. I'm not telling you you've got to pray out loud every time you pray. Listen, if you're at work and you work with a bunch of people in cubicles or whatever and something comes bad on the TV, that's not the time that you need to fall down on your knees and start praying out loud, because everybody would think you're weird. I mean, don't do that. That's where you go, "God, be with them..." and whatever. But, when you're by yourself at a place, pray and be engaged.

Fourth: Jesus specifically prayed for people by name. He called people out by name. In Luke here, "Simon, Simon, behold, Satan demanded to have you, that he might sift you like wheat, but I have prayed for you. Simon, I called your name out in prayer that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned again, strengthen your brothers."

Jesus called people out by name. I want to make one little note here, too. Demanded to have you that he might sift you. Those are both plurals. That's not at Simon. That's at the group. Jesus says, "Simon, Satan wanted to sift all of you. But, I've prayed for you, singular, that you won't fail."

What did Jesus know? Jesus knew if you could strike the leader, you could scatter the people. People go, "Oh, man. The devil's after pastors."

The devil ain't after me. I mean, he's after me. But, he ain't after me. He's after you. He's not after all these things that you see when people go after leaders. He's not after that. It's after the people. You strike the leader; you scatter the people. And Jesus knows. He knew that here. But, what He did is He called Peter out by name. He said, "I prayed for you that your faith won't fail."

And let me tell you something: When Jesus prays a prayer for you, it works. You want to get real excited? Hebrews 7:25 says that Jesus ever lives to make intercession for you.

Fifth, and this is the greatest mulligan in all of the life of prayer. Everybody, come on now. You know this. Maybe I'm not the only one who will admit it. But, I've prayed for some doozies in my life. You know? "God, this is what You need to do for me and this is how You need to."

And it couldn't have been further from the will of God. But, at the time, I was praying. This is the best way to end a prayer: "Thy will be done."

God, I submit to You. Your will be done. Jesus said here, in the Garden of Gethsemane, where He knew He was going to go to the cross and He knew that He was going to suffer, He says, "Father, if You're willing, remove this cup from me. Nevertheless, not my will but Yours be done."

That's the greatest way to end a prayer no matter what you pray. When you have found a time and you've found a place and you've engaged and you're called people out by name, when you're done, the best way to end it is, "But, Father, I may not have all the answers. I've prayed the best of my ability. But, Lord, I submit myself to You. Your will be done. Your will."

Now, here's what I want you to do. I want you to stand up with me here. Come on. Stand up. The ushers are going to be coming and they're going to be passing out a card. Everybody's going to get one. They're coming right now. They'll be passing them out very quickly. So, be looking for them as they come. They should be coming fairly quickly. On the front of this card, it says here, "2017 prayer commitment." That's what it says. On the back of this card, it has 10 things. And what I'm going to ask you to do is this. We're going to pray over this in just a minute. We're going to pray together so that we can start and reset our prayer life together as a church. I'm asking you to set a time and a place, even if it's once a week, that you get engaged in your prayer and you call these things out and you end with "thy will be done."

Now listen, if you want to do more than that, I'm all in. I'm asking you to do this at the very least. If you come here to Grace, I'm asking you, at the very least, find a time and a place – at a minimum once a week – and set it aside and pray over these things. And here's what I'm going to do: You know, Jesus didn't always pray with His eyes shut. Maybe you didn't know this. Maybe you think you've got to always pray with your eyes shut. Sometimes it says Jesus prayed looking up. You can't be looking with your eyes shut. Sometimes He prayed with His eyes open. I'm going to pray with my eyes open right now. But, I'm going to try to model this in a way that it's simple. It doesn't have to be complex. You know? It doesn't have to be hard. I just want to sort of show you – and you can pray with me at your chairs there.

But, you just say, "Hey, Lord, we're here today right now, time, in church, place, and we're engaged. So, Lord, we're going to call out some things by name."

First of all, Lord, we pray for our world. Lord, we know that our world is in need of You. But, Lord, before we even pray for our world, we repent for assuming that we would know what leaders are good or bad. Like we know. We repent. Because, God, what we need to do is pray for them. And Lord, when we start thinking of people in negative ways, our prayers are changed. So, Lord, we've got to get rid of that stuff. I repent, right now, for all of the world leaders. God, right now, I just pray, God, that You would work in the world for Your glory.

And Lord, what I pray is that You would open the world up in a way that Your Gospel would go forth in the most powerful way, whether through persecution or whether through prosperity. Allow Your Word to go forth in our world.

Lord, for our country. Once again, same thing. We know that we have issues here. And God, for us to think, in the arrogance of our heart, that we know what the problems are is just ridiculous. So, we repent once again, God. We repent because our job is not to criticize. Our job is to pray. Our job is to lift our country up. Our job is to get our country back on its feet. Not by yelling and screaming and not by telling everybody what's wrong. But, Lord, by getting on our knees and asking You to humbly work.

We pray the same for our leaders, God. Far be it from me to know the heart of a person that I don't even know. So, God, I repent again for all the things that I've said and all the stuff that I've done. Because, God, I don't know. But, You do. And Your Word is very specific that we pray for our leaders so that we, as Christians, can live a quiet and peaceable life here in the world we live in.

Lord, we pray for the Church. Lord, there's a big "c" and a small "c" here. Because, Lord, there is a big Church which is not Grace Community Church. It's the body of Christ all over the world. And then there's our church that we attend locally here at Grace. We pray for both. We pray, God, that You would birth Jesus into Your Church and that every church that meets in local places would look like Jesus to the people that they go out and preach to.

Lord, we pray for the pastor and staff. God, we know, God, pray for our pastor. We know. He's a crazy guy. So, pray for him. And the staff, Lord. We just pray that You would use them to help equip the body so that we can continue to do what You've called us to do.

Lord, we pray for Lakewood Ranch. God, we pray over Lakewood Ranch. What we pray is we pray that every single person's heart would be prepared before we ever even go out and do the outreaches that we do so that when we do the outreaches that we do, You've already prepared their hearts to receive Your grace and Your love in advance.

Lord, we pray for our family. That's where you call out your wife or your husband or your kids. That's where you pray for your kids that God would start to, even before they even think about it, prepare their husbands and wives. That God would start preparing their hearts for the future to serve God. That's where you pray for the wife and the husband because you realize if the leaders can get struck, the families scatter. God, we pray for our families. We pray for favor. We need favor here at Grace. We want Your favor; Your blessing, Lord, in everything that we do. In our lives and in our family as well.

Lord, we pray for revival. And Lord, let it start with me. Let it start here. God, I repent of all the things that I have done. I am sorry for the things that I have done that are not pleasing to You. God, I want to be a person that walks in all the fullness that You have for me. So, Lord, start revival here with me. Let it spread to our church. Let it spread to our community. Because, God, we want to hear somebody write about what happened in Lakewood Ranch because a church start praying. And maybe 20 or 30 years from now in some book somewhere they'll say there was this massive move of God in Lakewood Ranch because a church set aside a time and a place and got engaged and prayed.

And Lord, we pray for a building. God, as we continue to grow and as we have all the traffic issues that we have and people getting in and out and as the building starts to swell and we don't have the space to continue to fully grow God, what we need is we need Your help. We need a building, we need finances, we need a miracle. We just need something. But, God, I know that You're going to provide that because You know that we're here and You know that the work that we're doing is reaching the community. So, Lord, bring us a building somehow, some way, God, so that we can continue to reach the unchurched by being intentional neighbors that reflect Christ.

And then, when you're done, say, "God, I just asked Your will be done on this prayer. Because, Lord, far be it for me to know that I know exactly how to pray. But, Lord, I was time and place, I got engaged, I prayed it out loud. And God, now what I do is I submit it to You, God, and ask Your will be done. And Lord, help me to distinguish what is Your will from not Your will so that I can become better in my life of prayer."

In Jesus' name, and everybody said, "amen."

See how that works? Alright. Let's pray as we get out of here.

You say, "You're praying again?"

Yeah, I know. I'm trying to jumpstart the prayer life. Here we go. That way you can go home today and go, "I prayed twice."

Okay? I'm helping you out. See the grace of the pastor?

Lord, I just pray that You would go with us as we leave, watch over us and protect us. Bring us back safely to when we meet again. We just love You. We praise You, God, for everything that You're doing here at Grace Community Church. We thank You for it in Jesus' name, and everybody said, "amen."

Give the Lord a big hand clap and tell Him you love him. God bless everybody.

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