The Children’s Ministry at Grace Community Church is a place where kids matter!

Children’s services take place at the same time as our adult services.

It is our desire to make this the best hour of your child’s week

Our Purpose

To support the mission of Grace Community Church by Immersing children in age appropriate environments which reflect the unconditional love of Christ by allowing them to fully engage in understanding, remembering and applying the Word of God.

We accomplish this through a:

  • Bible driven curriculum
  • Experienced and educated directors
  • Life-giving teachers and caregivers

How We Do Ministry

When a parent passes their children into our care, the following values should be evident. We care about:


The child’s safety is our number one priority. In addition to a secure check-in process, every volunteer and staff member undergoes a background check and training before serving.


We believe that healthy families produce healthy children. We work together with parents and families to teach our children the value of loving God and loving others.


For the hour that the child is in our care, our volunteers are completely focused on interacting with the child in the most positive way. Cell phones are off. Music, procedures, and the physical environment are consistent service to service and week to week. Many of our volunteers serve in the same classroom every or every other weekend. This allows them to build lasting mentoring relationships, and get to know each child as an individual.

Age Appropriate Classes for Every Service!


    We are devoted to laying a Godly foundation and imparting God’s love to his children through our actions. We love, we praise, we encourage, we connect, we sooth, we play. In order to create a secure, soothing environment for the babies, we keep the door shut and unlocked and discourage “drop in” adults.


    We are committed to teaching the little ones Godly principles through unstructured play, crafts, worship, and The Children’s Bible. This is the age where cognitive understanding is just starting to emerge, so we are constantly looking for teachable moments in which we can impart God’s love to his children through speaking God’s positive Word, answering questions, and showing unconditional love and patience. This door should also remain closed and unlocked until check-out time.


    We strive to create an environment for God’s presence to be made known so that He can meet the children right where they are. It includes structured lessons, crafts, games, praise and worship and a personal connection with their teacher, through a low student to teacher ratio. The classrooms are designed to build a foundation of confidence in the Word of God and reliability on the grace of Jesus. This learning will help prepare them for graduation to our Elementary setting.


    We continue to build upon the foundation laid in Infant through Preschool by using expanded Bible lessons, games, and praise and worship. We have a passion to connect with children, sharing the love and saving grace of Christ with them.
    The Elementary Environment begins in the craft room, with a hands-on introduction to the Bible Story and Memory Verse with motions and cross referencing in their very own textured Bible. Then, they proceed to a live band praise and worship experience, followed by Bible Theater, where each student takes on a roll in reenacting the true Bible story.
    Finally, the students eat popcorn and respond to an interactive video with a trained teacher who helps them connect Biblical truth to their everyday lives.


    Currently offered during the 10:15 service, this class is customized for those preteen students who are ready to become role models for the younger children. Their class consists of exploring leadership principles found in God’s Word and through Biblical role models, popping and serving movie theater popcorn to the elementary and preschool kids, monthly inhouse community service projects, and connecting with their same gender mentoring teachers. Many of the SALT kids go on to serve in GraceKids once they reach high school.

If this sounds good to you, feel free to talk with any of our children’s staff or volunteers in GraceKids next time you’re here (after service please) or email the Children’s Ministry below. They will gladly answer any questions you may have.

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