Manger Week One

Dr. Chip Bennett

Welcome to the Manger Series

We see a number of thought-provoking insights around Jesus' birth that we can wrestle with for a deeper understanding of Him. We'd encourage you to share your thoughts below and invite others to watch as well.

Discussion Questions

  1. He was born in a feeding trough, in a manger of rock. He could have been born anywhere, why did God pick there? 
  2. It’s likely Mary and Joseph were gossiped about due to the virgin birth. This is while there was a mass killing of kids by Herod and oppression by the rulers of the day. How could they, and how can we have hope? 
  3. What the difference between a World Ruler and World Redeemer? How can we be more like our Redeemer? 


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1. It is interesting thinking God could have had Jesus born in a palace for sure if He'd wanted to. It likely would have better lived up to some people's expectations to have their Savior born as a king or powerful ruler. Instead He not only chose a place where animals ate, but the trough was borrowed! He didn't even own it in earthly terms. 2. While it may have been hard to see at the time, in hindsight we know that Jesus coming brought redemption, peace and hope for a future kingdom without the atrocities. It gives encouragement to us knowing that our Savior isn't of this world but provides hope to all of us in this world that He has invited us to his kingdom. 3. I like that the world Redeemer doesn't try to compete to rule earthly kingdoms, but rather is bringing about an entirely new kingdom. Instead of acquiring assets, he's borrowing assets that are sometimes good, sometimes terrible in the case of the feeding trough. At the same time He's preaching love and forgiveness. It's a kingdom I want to be part of.