Grace Global Update from Philippines (Nov. 2021)

Being Intentional Neighbors in the Philippines

2 years ago

Becky and Juno Llamado’s ministry has been expanding in exciting ways in the Philippines. Highlights include the re-opening of in-person services at Hope for the Nations Church (where Juno now serves as Outreach Pastor), expansion of their outreaches to the poor, the reopening of Hope Kids Clinic and ministering to those who needed support during and after the Covid outbreak in the Philippines.


The Hope for the Nations Church has been hard at work all year, navigating online worship services and Bible studies, providing food relief during the harshest phases of the Covid lockdown, and conducting health screenings and Bible studies in homes. But there's nothing quite the same as being able to celebrate in person with a group of people as close as family.

When government restrictions finally loosened just enough to allow for very cautious in-person gatherings, the church was ready for all those events best done in person. First, the church joyfully gathered around two beloved couples who dedicated their babies (both born in the midst of the pandemic) to the Lord. Next was a bitter sweet sendoff, as our dear friends and teammates, Toby and Ginny, who launched the church in 2014, head to Germany for God’s call to their next stage of ministry.

Re-opened Hope for the Nations Church

Later, the church dedicated the Hope Playground and prayed for all the kids that will someday climb all over it!

Finally, the church was able to host our first on-site food relief, and provided groceries and shared the Gospel with over 100 people, some of whom joined us for worship the following day.

Hope playground completion!
Packing & distributing food for the poor in Antipolo City

Hope for Kids Clinic

The Covid pandemic has been a perfect storm of challenges for kids with disabilities and complex medical diagnoses. An overwhelmed medical system, laws forbidding kids to leave their homes, restriction on public transportation, and deepening cycles of poverty have left many families without much needed medical support. Some kids simply can't access their medications: for example, we have several kids who have had seizures daily because they can't access the MRI that local neurologists require before prescribing. Others are waiting for much needed surgeries, like our patients with spina bifida or a large neck mass. Others, like our spunky new kiddo with Trisomy 21, have simply never had a check-up in their entire lives. His mom cried as Becky listened to his heart. "No one has ever checked on him," she said quietly. 

Most kids have had no preventative care, no screening labs, no therapies, and no adaptive equipment (not even a stroller!). It can be hard to know where to begin—but a home visit is always a great start. The Hope Kids Clinic are blessed to have a team that includes not only medical staff like Becky and EMT’s, but also volunteers like Rosie who are experienced with social welfare policies. The clinic is also blessed to have a terrific network of resilient mamas and caring neighbors to help us connect and advocate. Thanks for praying for us all as we fight to help each kid reach their amazing potential.

Visiting children in-home after Covid restrictions lifted.
Doctor Becky treating children at Antipolo City HOPE Pediatric Clinic

Church Multiplication Coalition (CMC)

As restrictions lift, CMC has also been able (cautiously) to restart training pastors and church leaders for evangelism, home Bible studies, and church growth. Juno and his mentor, Pastor Jill, recently taught a network of pastors ministering in the slums of Manila, and this weekend they are training churches in our home town of Antipolo. Most years, both Juno and Pastor Jill are traveling, so it has been wonderful that the pandemic has left our two families "stranded" close enough to work side-by-side more often.

Juno and Pastor Jill conducting training for Pastors/leaders

We hope that you are encouraged to see that we are truly making an impact around the world! Join us as we continue to support and pray for the Llamado's and the amazing work they're doing in the Philippines!