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How can I access watching todays sermon live?
Over six months ago, I found the Online Campus of Grace and it has changed my life from being a believing, unchurched child of God to a member of this church (from Southern California). I hope you keep this campus in mind in your future plans as discussed today in the meeting. Of course, I am not aware of the analytics involving attendance in, or the locations reached by your online ministry, but this is a powerful tool to bring non-believers and the unchurched all over the world to Jesus and I hope we can open up more live-streamed opportunities which will allow members such as myself an opportunity to be participants rather than spectators, as well as give us an opportunity to view many more facets (groups, events, etc.) that this amazing church has to offer. Thank you and God bless you for all that you do.
Phenomenal Sermon today, Chris. We now have the tools to take our prayers to the next level.