Outreach Effort

Our latest outreach effort is our "Grace Drop" packages! The Grace Young Adults are working directly with the Grace Youth Group ministry All4One to build packages that will be delivered to people in need in our local community. Here is what we're going to include in these packages:

Description Price for 50+
Hand sanitizer - individual bottles in bulk $34.95
Aspirin - individual bottles in bulk $110.37
Toothbrushes $11.99
Bibles $100.46
Nail clippers $19.47
Travel Shampoo/Conditioner $49.98
Travel soap $23.98
Deodorant $60.44
Drawstring tote bags $55.89
Fruit cups $26.97
Bottled water $6.78
Granola bar $8.89
Total $510.17

Here's our plan:

  • Hit our donation goal of $510.17
  • Order these items and receive them at the church
  • Assemble the packages as a youth group activity
  • Hand out packages as a Young Adult servant evangelism activity
  • Repeat our package hand-outs until they're all gone!

How can you help?

We need help raising funds as well as volunteering time to help with the hand-outs. If you can give to our effort please click the donation button below. Thank you for your help!