Thank you for agreeing to participate in the writing of our devotional for the WIA group the following is a short outline of what we are asking for;

Many well intentioned people have tried to help the so called addicts/alcoholics (defined as anybody who struggles with a life issue). Among other things we believe these are just labels that describe what we have done and therefore by default cannot help a person who doesn’t understand who they are from Gods perspective.

The group focuses on (or majors in) the promises of God more then the works of the flesh; we believe that the primary problem with any person who struggles with life issues is actually a common problem that all people struggle with, Identity.

Who I am from Gods perspective is the core of our teaching and learning, we use the bible as our guide to understanding who we are from our gracious Gods point of view. If you grow up in a home where you are told that you are stupid, then you will eventually come to believe, “I am Stupid” now you may have done some stupid things, but from your Creators perspective that is not who you are.

From God’s point of view you can only be one of two identities; Adopted son or daughter in Christ, or dead in your trespasses and sin. Your scriptural selection should reflect this truth in the context of the passage itself, we would like you to expound on the merits of its truth with regard to the following statements:

  • You are who God the Creator says you are.
  • What you have done may be very serious, however no matter how horrible it may be from Gods perspective it is not who you are.
  • Human beings can only have one of two true identities; In Christ or Dead in trespass and sin.
  • Our problem lies more in a lack of believing God and his promises then in trying hard to be good.
  • We don’t believe as much as we think we do, if we truly did believe the promises of our God and Creator then our lives would be very different.
  • Understanding who I am from my Creators position is the beginning of a new life In Christ, all other teaching (for the most part) hinges on our identity as created beings in a broken world.
  • God gives us a new identity so that we can enjoy life with him, our creator and sustainer is passionately pursuing us, his desire is to have us all be together in his house.
  • If you don’t know who you are, you can’t know what to do.

Please give a single page devotional  piece that would spark biblical discussion in a group setting, your piece will be read aloud at the group and the facilitator will encourage members to share based on the various topics that arise.  Please feel free to speak from your own experiences and particular theological bent; however we would ask that you refrain from theological positions that do not lend themselves to the issue at hand.

In order to prevent duplication please email me your choice of Scriptural passage prior to your work, this will ensure your topic and verse are exclusive to the over all book. please be aware of our desire and or need to exercise editorial oversight, all final edited pieces will be open for your review prior to release.

Thank you again for your willingness and obedience to the calling of our God and Father to use your gifts in building up the body of Christ, your efforts have eternal consequences.

Chaplain Fred Packwood
Soli Deo Gloria  

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