To introduce or reintroduce everyone who have suffered from life issues back into a healthy and vibrant lifestyle of service and understanding, either for the first time or once again. and to include the entire body of believers in the overall healing process. Avoiding the unbiblical separation that happened between the body of believers and those who attend groups such as these.

To create a community of service-minded biblically sound believers who understand “who they are In Christ”.


  1. A small group that meets every Friday evening at the church and uses our program to help discuss issues and encourage each other to seek biblical understanding into our true identity In Christ.
  2. One Friday a month, as a part of the overarching program this group will be involved in some type of outreach to the church. The goal is to share our new identities completely devoid of our particular issues that are discussed in the small group.
  3. Sponsor families (or single persons) are asked to become a part of the overall healing process. Sponsors are introduced to group members and become their partners in the healing process, through ongoing interaction with “regular” church members (who have had a small amount of training) group members and sponsors are given an opportunity to share in the common struggles of the Christian life. Our overall focuses is NOT on a person’s particular issue (incorrect labels or identities) but on our new identity In Christ, an identity of service to others, sacrificing one’s own desires, and showing the hands of Jesus to others.
  4. Sponsor families (or single persons) are given an opportunity to serve a struggling brother or sister in an intimate way, building trust and commonality. The goal is to break down the separation that is almost always associated with theses types of ministries. We believe that In Christ our identity has nothing to do with what we have or have not done. We believe that all who trust Christ are “Adopted sons & daughters together in one Family.
  5. One Friday each quarter (four times a year) the group will hold a dinner/coffee/get to gather of some kind to share with the church as a whole what we have been up to, our triumphs and our needs. This will be a time of service to the fellowship of believers as a whole, to show our gratitude for all the church as meant to us. Also the goal is to insure that every member of the church is given an invitation to become involved should they feel called to do so, it will also help to confirm group members there rightful place in the body of Christ completely a part from there past deeds.