WIA (who I am) Sarasota started out as a conversation between my Pastor and I about a “Recovery” ministry to start around the first of the year 2016. As an ordained chaplain and a so-called recovered addict myself I was very open to the idea, however my idea of what a Christain recovery ministry would look like is different than most might think. I spent three and a half years in the Manasota AA/NA community, my findings are that though, AA/NA does a very good job with the Alcohol/Drug use issue it is- however (in my opinion) wholly incompatible to a Christain World View. I am not one of thoughs anti-AA Christians who would argue or (heaven forbid) try to persuade a person from any faith from not pursuing its program as a method of recovery.  but as someone who has a fair amount of actual experience from all sides of this issue i felt the Lord would have us pursue a more biblical approach.